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the definition of a garage


a garage is usually a shelter for vehicles

with additional space for storage


design your ideal stand-alone garage

but rethink the old definition of a garage

because now you can make the building

more than a place only for cars,

bicycles and garden tools


with our concept the garage will become

a technical hub with all the needed

equipment for living autonomous / off the grid


adding a workshop or / and an office

might be the right thing for you

- a mezzanine is also possible


the garage is constructed with the

made-to-fit building system

future building changes are possible

reusing all building parts


east- and west-facing saddle roof



four standard sizes


double garage small - 6,7 x 6,7 m (45 m²)

height 3,7 m








illustrated with plank appearance



double garage medium 7,5 x 9,1 m (68 m²)

height 3,9 m - alternatively with mezzanine









illustrated with element appearance



double garage large 7,5 x 11,5 m (86 m²)

height 3,9 m - alternatively with mezzanine










illustrated with white painted appearance


triple garage extra large 9,9 x 12,3 m (121 m²)

height 4,2 m - alternatively with mezzanine










illustrated with untreated wood appearance




made-to-fit building system


maintenance-free exterior walls of robinia wood with appearance as plank, element,

white painted or natural untreated


interior walls in plywood or fibreboard


rooftop with EPDM membrane

under the solar modules


no crane necessary



how to get started ?


step 1 - pre-project defining your needs

step 2 - obtaining quotations and technical documentation from us and local specialists

step 3 - obtaining required permissions

step 4 - order your stand-alone-garage

step 5 - delivery and installation

step 6 - enjoy your new freedom


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