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welcome to this website


we have solutions for those who want

independence from the grid

- invest in the future of your family

with a stand-alone garage


our vision about the future home is

that we’ll work less and often from home

we are free living souls enjoying life

homes have new functions and purposes

homes are safe, healthy and

in harmony with nature


become master of your own house

create your dream home

change the old ways of doing

think wholistically and differently



what is the stand-alone garage ?


it is a detached garage with solar

and water collection on the roof

intended to make the home autonomous

"the sun sends no bills"












our solution


insulated double garage with

east and west facing solar

on the roof, which can cover most

heating and electricity needs

available customized in any size

from 6,7 x 6,7 m (45 m²)



a different approach


if you are renovating your home or

you are building new consider this :

keep living space sacred and as nourishing

as possible for thriving health

meaning that all technical installations are placed in the detached building called

the stand-alone garage

in this way is obtained a more functional

and flexible home with possibilities for

easy future changes


 making a home autonomous is best achieved

in phases and with the majority energy

source from the sun, which can ensure 100%

self-sufficiency all depending for the geographical location

other locations will need additional

energy from a x-generator*




take back your sovereignty

create a life in freedom and

surround yourself with things

that make sense






* = x-generator can be any fuel free generator technology